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Mission Statement:  To offer Barre Fitness at an affordable price, to encourage and inspire each member, while producing excellent results, in a fun laid back, community oriented studio.
Barre Fitness engages your accessory muscles to trim, tighten, and tone your entire body. Deep stretches follow to lengthen your muscle fibers, resulting in a long, lean appearance. The ballet barre is used as a support tool for the workout, along with small fitness balls and resistance bands and small hand weights. The workout consists of a warm-up, arm section with weights, thigh and seat work and ab workouts with stretching along the process to elongate the muscles. Barre is a combination of Ballet positions with yoga and Pilates influence.
Why BarreBelle?
Barrebelle Fitness is a locally owned non-franchised Barre Fitness studio.

At BarreBelle Fitness the feeling when you walk in the door is warm and inviting. The color palette is a warm gray stripes on the wall with aqua accents. The studio has a feeling of classiness however very welcoming with a laid back, fun approach where everyone is welcome. All sized and shapes and people from all walks of life. There is no need to have high priced workout clothes and sticky socks all that is optional. Each guest will be greeted and shown around the studio to be introduced to the equipment and class format. Each member is again approached at the end of class to see if any questions have arose and are welcomed back to the studio for another class session. The studio is quaint and inviting. The brand of Barrebelle Fitness Studio represents the simple priorities of the studio, fun and laid back however resulting in very effective changes to the body in a short amount of time.



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