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Barrebelle offers a variety of Barre classes and other specialty classes to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.


13423 E 32nd Ave.

Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Email us at:

Tel: 509-893-1000



Many barre studios offer one barre class that is generally repeated often and can get somewhat mondain even though effective. Barrebelle offers different barre classes to meet your needs and keep you from ever repeating a class twice. Barrebelle also changes the warm-up in barre class every single month so your muscles are always working hard and staying confused which is the best way to get results quickly.




BARRE: A 55-minute workout that tones and strengthens the whole body using the ballet barre for support and small isometric movements to tone the booty, thighs, and arms.


BARRE SCULPT: Barre Sculpt is a mix of body weight and weight lifting moves using light and heavy weights to tone your upper body in this energetic one hour group fitness class. Butt-kicking barre moves will tone the rest!


CARDIO BARRE: Similar to our traditional barre class, Cardio barre incorporates interval training, resistance band, and weight training to increase your heart rate and decrease your waistline. If you love barre, but recognize the need for cardio as well, this is for you!!


POWER BARRE (EXPRESS BARRE): A 40-minute version of our regular barre class. Less stretching but a hardcore barre workout in short amount of time. Great for a barre quicky while still burning up to 500 calories. 

CARDIO SCULPT: Looking for a new cardio class???  This brand new class is very cardio intensive however also adds a variety of sculpt moves with light and heavy weights to boost your heart rate and sculpt your body from arms, abs to toes!!  You won't want to miss this new class!!




BUTTS AND GUTS:  Are you short on time and want an intense workout? This piyo inspired class is mostly mat work targeting of course..the abs and the booty! You will love this 45-minute class! What woman does not want to work these two parts of the body!

POUND: Pound workout fuses cardio interval training with drumming to provide a challenging, heart-pumping workout.  Channel your inner rock star and get ready to make some noise!


WORKSHOPS AND INTENSIVES: Each month the studio offers workshops or intensive classes that target certain areas of the body like our famous 75-minute seat intensive class or our sculpted arms intensive. We offer workshops like Barre 101 to new students or veterans wanting to improve their form or technique. These are always FREE if you are MEMBER on a 3,6 or 12 month contract! 

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