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What the heck do I wear to Barre Class?

Good Question! Capri or full-length leggings or workout pants do work best for Barre due to the placement of the ball on some exercises. Exercise Tank tops, workout t-shirts or your old Bloomsday shirt is just fine. Socks are needed in the studio, grippy or sticky socks work best and we will have those to purchase at the barre studio but they are not necessary to complete the workout, just helpful to not slip. Bare feet or athletic shoes aren’t welcome, please drop your shoes under the benches when you come into the studio.


How long is the Barre Class?

Another great question!! 55 minutes. Which goes by so fast you will have no idea you just worked out for almost a whole hour! Use this hour for your ME time, you will feel so accomplished, strong and stress-free after that 55 minutes. We will also offer 30-minute power Barre classes as well that is more toning and cardio burning for specific body areas such as buns and arms.


Does Barre burn calories? What about cardio too?

You betcha!! The average barre class burns 500-600 calories. Holy smokes that is a lot of lattes burned off! Barre is an all-inclusive full body workout. Some people feel like they don’t need any extra cardio when doing Barre at least 3-4 days a week. Other’s feel like they would supplement barre workouts into their normal cardio routine or running schedule. Yes, runners, barre is excellent for you too!!  Many runners have advised that barre has improved their times, endurance and helped improved strength during their training plan.  I can honestly say that when I started barre, I turned off my gym membership and never went back. I did barre class for 5-6 days a week and no other workout was needed. I fell in love with Barre, it worked and so why do anything else!?


How many times a week should I come to class?

I would suggest at least 3- 4 for full results. Results happen quickly at the barre especially if you make the 3-4 day a week commitment. Results show within 10 classes is what most barre goers say and big results after the first month. Of course, dropping into classes twice a week is great too if you are supplementing your already active workout schedule.


Is Barre for me? I’m not a Dancer?

Yes, barre is for everyone. Size and shape and dance ability do not matter. Woman, men, teens (with parent consent) are all welcome. The best part about Barrebelle is that it’s such a great community of people, all walks of life and fitness levels come to class. That is the beauty of barre! Barre never gets less challenging but the moves do become easier the more often you come to class, howeve,r the class will never be the same twice and your flexibility will improve even if you can’t touch your toes at your first class.


Can I bring water or a sports drink?

Of course, we will have bottle waters at the studio for a donation only. You can bring Spark or other sports drinks, just please make sure the lid is on tightly so the carpet stays gray and doesn’t turn pink or any other odd color.


What is the class size?

Barrebelle Fitness studio is 850 square feet so with the smaller size studio we keep the classes small too, no more than 12 students at any session. What is so nice about this smaller size class is that the one on one with the instructor is never lost. It’s like having a personal trainer at each workout without paying the high cost of purchasing personal training sessions. Barre is far more affordable then hiring a personal trainer on top of your gym dues. The instructor will be able to help each student make sure they are doing the moves correctly or helping students to modify the workout due to an injury.


Other Helpful Hints:

If it’s your first class or needs to purchase a package, come to class early (10 -15 minutes early). We love to show you around the studio and get you familiar with what equipment you will need for each class and sign a waiver form in case you didn’t sign online or buy your package online.


Don’t let the first class discourage you, you may feel like it didn’t come smoothly too you or if you end up sore the next day. It’s a learning curve like anything else you try. However, no matter what you get out of the class, if will still be an amazing workout.​​

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"I just went to my first barre class and it was great!!  Monica was so helpful & encouraging the whole time.  I never felt out of place or incapable of doing the workout.  It really is for everyone!  I'm looking forward to my next class!"

~ Shelley F.

"I Love it here.  The people are amazing!"

~ Jennifer G. 

"Best instructors and ladies to workout with"

~ Sarah S.

"This studio is incredible!  I'm not a gym person at all but this is a great place to get a good workout no matter how in or out of shape you are.  The instructors are informative, helpful, and make the classes very fun.  It is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already!"

~ Kasi L.

"Love it!  Super fun!  Excited to try out all of the classes!"

~ Amy W.-L.

"BEST WORKOUT EVER!! Monica is a fabulous instructor and the studio has a great vibe. I can feel muscles being used that have been in hiding for years. So excited to see my results after a few more classes!"

~ Keri G.


"All of the fitness instructors are amazing and have great work out routines! All of the members are upbeat and encourage each other. I feel like I am part of a team and family! Thank you for having so many class options and times!" ~ Aleana F.


"Monica and her crew of pros make this workout challenging AND fun! The variety in hours, workouts, and instructors make it impossible to get bored! Since starting, my flexibility and strength have increased: two things I've been struggling with over the years. Thank you!!!"

~ Melissa L.


"Have you ever gone to a business where you just felt accepted and appreciated each time you walked in the door? Well, that's what it feels like every day I come in to have my butt, thighs, arms and abs worked out at Barre Belle! The staff are amazing and Monica is a super conscientious owner! If you've never tried Barre you MUST and Barre Belle is the place to be!"

~ Charlotte N.


"Every time I go to Barrebelle I am challenged and brought to a whole new level! Every class they target a specific area (abs, back of legs, inner thigh, inner arm) and the next couple days you are SORE. The instructors are also so motivating and encouraging! I look forward to every class!!"

~ Caitlen S.


"5 star- Love BarreBelle!!!! Every instructor is so friendly and welcoming and makes sure that you know what you are doing from day one! These ladies are encouraging and are sure to push you! So glad I finally did it!"

~ Hedi M.

"5 star-I love this workout!!!! I have lost 7 lbs in 8 weeks and numerous inches. Tried just about everything else and never lost any weight. Wish I would have measured when I started but I am fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in forever because they were too tight. I am feeling toned and have energy. But most important this is I workout I am really enjoying. The classes are tough but I can feel it making a difference. Monica is an excellent instructor who motivates and makes you comfortable no matter what level of fitness you are at. THANKS SO MUCH MONICA"

~ Patty M.

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